Backup Services

Your business is completely dependent on your data: the Technology Age practically guarantees that downtime due to data loss can doom your company. Not only does downtime cost money, but it also lowers productivity and weakens your customers’ confidence in your products and services.

Simply put: Neglecting data protection is one of the biggest mistakes your company can make. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be expensive. Vault Networks offers backup services from R1Soft on all colocation, vnCloud and managed hosting services.

The R1Soft data management solution is a fast-recovery, low-overhead service for your mission-critical data. This fail-safe security, backup, and disaster recovery service are necessary to combat the most complex security threats and provide peace-of-mind. Our off-site location ensures that in the unlikely event of a failure at our SSAE 16 Type II data center, the data on your servers will be preserved remotely.

Guide to backups

  • Security and peace of mind – Gone are the days of worrying about lost data.
  • Low server overhead – During backup periods, server performance degradation is minimal. That’s because we monitor data at the disk volume level and only back up data that changed since the last backup.
  • Affordable cost – Start with only the amount of storage amount you need, then grow your storage as your business grows.
  • Off-site location – Having your backups stored at an alternate location means your data will retain its integrity.
  • Options – We offer packages for dedicated data servers, storage allocation, and data protection.
  • Storage – Data protection packages allow you to exceed your allotted storage amount without losing data or incurring a penalty. Whenever an overage occurs, we’ll notify you and automatically adjust your plan and billing to handle your higher needs.
  • MySQL support – Optional table-level recovery for your MySQL databases.
  • Compatibility – Compatible with Windows 32-bit/64-bit and Linux 32-bit/64-bit.

Features: Self-Service Plan vs. Managed Backup Plan

We offer two plans allowing you to choose the best option for your company. Our Self-Service Backup plan offers an affordable do-it-yourself option for those who prefer more control over their backup. The 2nd plan we offer is a Managed Backup plan, this plan is for companies that rather have data center technicians manage their backup services.


Self-Service Backup Managed Backup
High-Performance CDP Backup Yes Yes
Linux Bare Metal Agent Yes Yes
Windows Bare Metal Agent Yes Yes
MS SQL Backup w/ MS Volume Shadow Copy Yes Yes
MS Exchange Continuous Data Protection Yes Yes
New CDP 3.0 Web Interface Yes Yes
Flexible Backup Scheduling Yes Yes
Real-Time Backup Capabilities Yes Yes
Daily Email Reporting Yes Yes
Up to 64TB Backup Storage Per Agent Yes Yes
Data Retention Policies Yes Yes
Central Backup Repository Yes Yes
Powerful File-Exclude Matching Yes Yes
Multi-Point Replication Yes Yes
Super Fast Compression Yes Yes
Efficient Block-Level Delta Storage Yes Yes


Self-Service Backup Managed Backup
Agent Install/Configure  1 time Yes
Agent Upgrade Yes
Agent Troubleshooting Yes


Self-Service Backup Managed Backup
Creation of Initial Backup Schedule  1 time Yes
Modify Backup Schedule Yes
Email Reporting  1 time Yes
Add/Change/Modify Configuration Yes
Monitor & Resolve Backup Failures Yes

Data Backup/Restore

Self-Service Backup Managed Backup
Restore Individual Files/Directories via Web Yes Yes
Bare Metal Hard Drive Restore Requires Support Yes
Data Compression Yes Yes
Data Encryption Yes Yes
Powerful File-Exclude Matching Yes Yes
Recovery Point Archiving Yes Yes


On-Site Self-Service Backup Managed Backup
Backup Space  100 GB for $25/ea  100 GB for $35/ea
Bare Metal Agent  $15/ea  $40/ea
Virtual Agent  Included with Backup Space  $25/ea
MySQL Add-on Module  No Additional Cost  No Additional Cost
Off-Site Self-Service Backup Managed Backup
Backup Space  50 GB for $25/ea  50 GB for $35/ea
Bare Metal Agent  $15/ea  $40/ea
Virtual Agent  Included with Backup Space  $25/ea
MySQL Add-on Module  No Additional Cost  No Additional Cost

Contact us and request a backup quote today[1] Limited to creating Certificate Authorities – no other ADCS features (NDES, Online Responder Service).

[2] Limited to 1 stand-alone DFS root.
[3] Limited to 250 RRAS connections, 50 IAS connections, and 2 IAS server groups.
[4] Limited to 250 Remote Desktop Services Gateway connections.