A VN dedicated server means customization based on your specific needs and peace of mind backed by our expert managed services.

What is a Dedicated Server?

Techopedia defines a Dedicated Server as a type of remote server that dedicated to a single person or organization which is hosted by a service provider like Vault Networks. These servers can be used for many applications ranging from storage to virtualization to web sites and much, much more.

Your Own Server & Network

Your Own Server & Network

Don’t settle for a shared environment on your hardware or on your network. Every server is customized to your specifications and connected to a private vlan.

Free Web-based Reboot Ports

Free Web-based Reboot Ports

There’s no need to contact technical support to reboot your server. Vault Networks now offers free web-based reboot ports for all systems.

Month-to-Month Commitment

Month-to-Month Commitment

Automatically daily maintenance will ensure that maintenance tasks are performed. You will not need to dedicate staff to performing these jobs. This allows you to dedicate your in-house resources and staff to other important duties.

What is a Dedicated Server? 

A dedicated server is a piece of equipment that is purchased by your company to host your data and applications. Its presence allows companies to take the security of their data from the hands of the IT professionals at the Cloud datacenter and bring it in-house. The dedicated server would be installed and monitored at one of your companies’ sites and allows you to have full control over the security of your data and any specific security certifications your company needs.

While this type of server will come at a higher cost, due to the company needing to hire its own IT staff to manage the server, it allows you to operate with the knowledge that your data is safely secured and that your company is taking the necessary steps for security. This handle over the safety of your data is one of the main reasons that dedicated servers are the best choice for your business applications.

Why would I want to use a dedicated server?

Dedicated servers are the easiest way to get a server into a data center since there is absolutely no capital expense (CapEx) requires the company looking to procure the server.  Even in a colocation scenario at some point, the company had to purchase a server – with dedicated servers, the hardware is 100% the problem and responsibility of the company providing the dedicated server.  A customer of a dedicated server simply needs to manage the applications that are being hosted on the device, and they have 100% control on what those applications and services are.

When leasing a dedicated server from Vault Networks, you get a fully managed server that is customized to fulfill your company’s needs. Your storage space is private, safe, and can only be accessed by you and personnel you authorize.

Lease & Save!

Leasing a server can save you quite a bit of money. Instead of purchasing a brand new server, paying to modify an office to safely house your server, or spending money on an operating system or data base license you can invest your hard-earned money back into your business. Vault Networks not only builds your server to your specifications, we also allow you to lease your operating system, control panels, and data base licenses directly from us. Vault Networks provides you business solutions that please your budget–and your customers.

Our customers expect high quality products and services, which is why we offer such a wide variety of business solutions. Vault Networks prides itself in providing 1st class technical support and customer service, custom-built dedicated servers and comprehensive managed hosting service plans. It’s easy to see why Vault Networks is a cutting-edge managed hosting provider.

Why Vault Networks Dedicated Servers?

Fully Customizable

Customize the hardware components you need on a much more granular level.  If your business requires a specific hardware or software component, dedicated hosting allows you this freedom typically not available with cloud hosting.



Stay Secure & Compliant

Vault Networks strives to make it easy for our clients to stay secure and compliant by providing hosting solutions designed to satisfy a number of widely standards. We make sure the data center component of your infrastructure meets the various compliance regulations set on security controls, physical environment, and network architecture, including those set under PCI, HIPAA and SOX guidelines.

Grow Into the Cloud

The best part about Vault Networks’ dedicated hosting service is that we have an ultra-fast, business class cloud infrastructure available for you to grow into the moment you’re ready to. Start slowly by provision a cloud server to host your development environment, or take the leap and migrate your site.


Find the Right Dedicated Solution for Your Company

Top Performance for Your Customers. When you choose Web hosting solutions offered by other companies, your customers can suffer. Because other users on the Web hosting plan may be hogging the server’s bandwidth, memory and storage space, latency issues can result in weak performance. However, when you choose a dedicated server from Vault Networks, you get a fully managed, custom server with bandwidth, memory and storage space reserved exclusively for you–your customers are unaffected by ours. Top Savings for You. When you purchase a dedicated server, you lease a server box that stays in our secure Miami data center in Miami. Without needing the space to house a server, an inexpensive dedicated server from Vault Networks provides you with a business solution that pleases your budget–and your customers.


Find the Right Dedicated Solution for Your Company



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