Privacy Statement and Policy

Vault Networks, Inc. respects the privacy of each of our clients. Vault Networks does require client information in order to provide the appropriate data center services that each client deserves.  Therefore, Vault Networks will not sell, exchange, rent, lease or otherwise disclose your Company or Personal Information to other third-party marketers or any such persons that are not associated with us as an advertiser, sponsor, or promotional partner unless it is necessary to 1) conform to regulatory and legal requirements or to comply with legal process, 2) to protect the safety and security of our users, employees, or property, 3) to defend the rights of the Site or the Company, or 4) to enforce the terms of the Agreement between Vault Networks and Client.

For State and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies that have a specific need for information regarding a Vault Networks client, a Federal or State of Florida Subpoena is required in order for Vault Networks to comply and provide the requested information.   Subpoenas should be sent to the following address:

Vault Networks, Inc.
Attn:  Jennifer Uruski
500 Green Rd
Deerfield, FL 33064

Note:  State and County Subpoenas that are not issued by a State of Florida Court have no jurisdiction and are not enforceable in Broward County, Florida.  Out of State subpoenas need to be registered and issued a case number with Broward County, Florida Clerk of Courts, before Vault Networks will comply with the Subpoena.  Please contact Broward County, Florida Clerk of Courts for more information.

In order to provide all information and documents requested for each Subpoena received, Vault Networks requires advance payment of the following:

*Research and preparation response time: $100 per hour, 2 hour minimum.

*Document Copies:  $.10 per copy

Please be aware that the State of Florida provides for Vault Networks to collect these fees prior to Vault Networks issuing the requested information and/or material.  Vault Networks will send the appropriate agency an invoice for these fees and will require payment before responding to the Subpoena.