Technology Procurement

Data Center Technology Procurement

Vault Networks is pleased to offer data center technology procurement services to all of our clients.  As a colocation or dedicated server customer, you can leverage our relationships with some of the industry’s most respected hardware vendors.

You will be able to take advantage of our:

  • Discounted pricing
  • One-year warranty plan
  • Complimentary installation services

So that we can craft the optimal hardware solution for your business needs, we take the time to thoroughly understand your server platform goals and requirements. With that knowledge, we then contact hardware vendors directly and negotiate on your behalf for the best possible pricing.

Once you’ve made your purchase decision, our team of experts handles the rest. We assume shipping risks and are on site to receive your hardware when it arrives at our Miami facility.  When delivery has been made, we work diligently to build, install and get your server(s) up and running.

Warranty Program

When you use Vault Networks’ hardware procurement services you will automatically be enrolled in our one-year warranty program at no extra charge.  Should anything happen to your hardware during the first year, we will assume responsibility for all repairs and for getting your system back up and running.  Additionally, our warranty entitles you to a year’s worth of hands-on support from Vault Networks’ expert technicians.

Our Technology Partners

The key to our hardware procurement services is our strong relationships with some of the industry’s most respected companies:

We proudly offer hardware solutions from the following vendors: