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Cloud Hosting Miami

The architecture behind vnCloud is powered by a potent combination of enterprise-class hardware and cutting-edge cloud software. It’s housed in our state-of-the-art data center and features performance-optimized, multi-homed network connectivity. Learn more about vnCloud’s features here.

High levels of resilience and redundancy have been incorporated into vnCloud – that’s why we can offer an industry-leading 100% SLA uptime for our cloud servers. Let our bilingual IT experts help you decide which hybrid cloud configuration best matches your needs. For a free 1-hour consultation about your IT infrastructure, call us at 1-888-694-8557 or chat live Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Physical Infrastructure
  • Hot-swap dual power supply unitsThe failure of a power supply unit will never affect the server’s availability
  • Redundant 40GB network – A network card failure will never affect the server’s availability
  • Dual processors with 12+ cores per node
  • Nexenta enterprise-class storage (SAN-based) with RAID and hot block caching
  • 1GB private VLANs
Optimized Network
  • Multi-gigabit network
  • Connected to backbones of 11+ major providers
  • INTERNAP’s performance-based intelligent routing
  • Redundant switching, routers, and IP connectivity
  • Networking hardware by Cisco and Extreme Networks
  • Vault Networks' partners
Our State-of-the-Art Data Center
  • Highlights from our secure, redundant data center environment based in Downtown Miami:
  • AC/DC Power: 120V, 208V and 480V AC; A and B feeds for redundancy. -48V DC via an underground feed served by two substations
  • Power Feed: Dual, independent power substations with onsite automatic transfer switch
  • Floor Height: 14′ deck to deck with no obstructions. Raised floor environment.
  • Take a look inside our data center. View Gallery
  • Redundancy: AC/DC Eaton UPS System with N+1 redundancy
  • Generator: 1 Megawatt capacity generator. Contract-guaranteed service for a redundant roll-up generator
  • Air Conditioners: (8) 20-ton air conditioners per floor. Climate-controlled environment: 72ºF with 40-60% humidity
  • Security: CCTV digital cameras and recorders plus alarm system. Entry granted only via biometric hand readers/key cards. 24/7/365 security staff. TotalPac fire suppression system. Mission “Hospital Priority” in Florida Power and Light (utility power) Critical Power hierarchy
  • Full list of data center features

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