Cloud Service Pricing

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The affordable resources in vnCloud are billed on a monthly basis. Minimum requirements: 1 core per cloud server, 512MB memory per cloud server, 25 GB disk space per cloud server and 1 external IP per cloud server.

Cloud Servers Each 1 Included
Cores Core 1 $13.00
Memory MB 512 $5.12
External IP Address Each 1 $1.00
High Performance SAS Drive GB 25 $7.50
Economy SATA Storage GB 250 $37.50


Our cloud hosting customers can benefit from our low-cost usage-based bandwidth pricing. Monthly pay-as-you-go pricing starts at just $0.08 per GB. Pricing is per account, not per cloud server, so you save money. Why? With this pricing model, you can pool resources into your account rather than paying per cloud server. Bottom line: you only pay for your needs on each account, not for each cloud server on each account.

Bandwidth In GB 100 FREE
 Bandwidth Out (Pay-as-you-go)  GB  1  $0.08


Pricing for private templates (which are VirtIO-enabled for top performance) and backup storage is below. For a free quote on hardware firewalls, private point-to-point and MPLS, call our IT infrastructure experts in Miami at 1-888-694-8557 (English and Spanish). Our add-on services are optional and are billed monthly. Go ahead: see point by point how our vnCloud compares to Amazon and Rackspace.

Customized Private Templates & Backup Storage GB 1 $0.08
Hardware Firewalls Call for quote
Private Point-to-Point Call for quote
MPLS Call for quote
Load Balancers Call for quote


Not sure what your cloud computing resource requirements will be? Let the virtual data center designer below help you visualize your infrastructure. Test cloud configurations for up to 4 individual VMs and watch the Resource Vault fill up with your total requirements.