New Orders and Status Inquiries

Before attempting to contact Vault Networks’ regarding a new order, please be sure that the signed Agreement, plus full month’s payment and any set up fees have been remitted to Vault Networks.  Any questions regarding these requirements should be directed either to your assigned Vault Networks’ Account Manager or Customer Service Department.

Dedicated Server orders are processed and deployed within 24-48 hours of receipt of all required documents and payment.  An email from the technical service team is sent to the designated Administrator on the client account, detailing access information the server, IP addresses assigned.  Any questions or concerns should be addressed by opening a Technical Service ticket on the Vault Networks’ website.

For colocation orders, clients need to ensure that they specify on their Service Order Form, provided to them by their VaultNetworks’ Account Manager, the desired date that they would like to have the colocation space ready.  The Account Manager, in conjunction with the Customer Service and Technical Service team will then work together to ensure that the colocation space is set up and ready on or before the “commit date” that the client designates on the Service Order Form.  Once the colocation space is ready for occupancy, the Technical Support team will send an email to the Administrator on the account with access information.  In addition, the Account Manager and/or Customer Service Department will be in contact with the Administrator with access to colocation space, scheduling of orientation appointment, and any other details necessary that the client may desire.