High-performance cloud servers deployed in less than 30 seconds.

What is a cloud server?

vnCloud is the cloud platform built by Vault Networks to offer public cloud services to our customers. The solution was custom-built from the ground up to be fast, secure, and scalable. vnCloud offers customizable cloud servers (sometimes referred to as VPS, or Virtual Private Servers).

Are cloud servers secure?

Regardless of whether you utilize a public cloud like Cloud or use virtualization software on dedicated hardware, it is essential to ensure that your cloud servers are protected.  Unfortunately, according to research by Kaspersky, about half of all cloud servers are only partially protected.  While we provide security tools such as firewall rules to assist you in protecting your infrastructure, these tools have no use if they are not put into place.

Is cloud cheaper than dedicated servers?

Many businesses and organizations are still deciding between having their own in-house dedicated servers and using servers at data centers where their information can be accessed through the cloud. The pros and cons are still changing as technology improves for both environments. For most companies, the decision is ultimately one of weighing the advantages and risks for your type of business and then making the best decision based on company needs, budgets, locations, and goals.

Data centers are experienced in usage, security, scaling, and many other essential IT issues. These centers will explain the pricing options and the future expenses your IT team should consider. Skilled data centers work with a variety of industries and business sectors, so they understand the unique needs of each business type. To understand which server strategy is right for your company, please ask to speak with one of our server and cloud technology professionals.


• Instant cloud provisioning
• Your choice of cloud server types, operating systems, and software packages
• Create custom images and rebuild servers from our extensive library of over 200 templates
• Easy to use self-service control panel with point-and-click provisioning


• RAID 10 SAN-based storage
• 20GB server uplinks
• Multiple Tier-1 redundant Internet backbone connections
• Brand name server switches
• Onsite and offsite backup options


• Self-managed firewalls
• Fully isolated network traffic
• True dedicated VLAN for seamless connection of virtual and dedicated infrastructure

Why would I want to use vnCloud?

The most significant benefit of a public cloud platform like vnCloud is that clients can build server environments that can be scaled on-demand.  Unlike a colocation environment or a dedicated server, upgrading or downgrading resources is just a matter of visiting the vnCloud dashboard and clicking a few buttons to increase or decrease RAM, Hard Drive space, or more.  For organizations that might have unpredictable internet traffic patterns, this is a huge benefit as having a server with inadequate resources will result in bad customer experience when clients try to visit the website or application hosted on the server in question.  On the flip side, nobody likes to pay for resources that aren’t required, so if you view your resource usage and find that you are only using a fraction of what your server has, you can scale those resources down just as easily as you can scale them up.  The system is also very easy to use and is covered pretty well in the YouTube walkthrough that we created to show customers how to use our cloud.

It’s fast. Really fast

When we say you can have your cloud servers up and running in 5 minutes, we’re really not kidding. From our hassle-free sign up process to vnCloud’s near-instant server provisioning system, our highly available platform gets your cloud infrastructure up and running faster than it takes your favorite show to come back from a commercial break.

Cloud Servers


It‘s Easy

We’ve spent a lot of time designing an intuitive interface that makes managing your cloud virtually effortless. Reboot cloud servers, adjust resources or redesign your whole infrastructure all from one easy-to-use control panel.

It’s Cost-Effective

Signing up for vnCloud is FREE, and our payment model blows all those utility plans out of the water when it comes down to real, long term savings. We understand how valuable being able to predict costs can be, so we built our model with that in mind. Plus, there’s no need to pay a premium for by-the-hour services when you can pay for your core resources at bulk-discount monthly rates.



It’s Elastic

With vnCloud, you’re in control. Increase resources during heavy-traffic events and bring them back down when it’s slow, or just grow your entire infrastructure at the pace of your business. We give you the flexibility and freedom to fine-tune your cloud on your terms.

Vault Networks’ business-class cloud service infrastructure and provisioning solution are redefining the standard for providing businesses IT services while delivering performance and flexibility. We built a platform specifically designed for companies that are ready to ditch the hassles and costs that come with maintaining in-house IT.

Combined with our diverse portfolio of supplemental Cloud Services, Vault Networks’ Cloud is the complete solution for businesses that need to be on the cloud yesterday.

Key Features of Cloud Servers:

• Numerous Tier-1 Internet backbone connections, all redundant Create custom images and rebuild servers from our extensive library of 200+ templates

• 20GB server uplinks

• Instant cloud provisioning

• Easy-to-use, self-service control panel with point-and-click provisioning

• Your choice of cloud server types, operating systems, and software packages

• On- and off-site backup options



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