Vault Networks’ Client Ticket System

The Vault Networks Client Ticket System that is located here on our website offers Vault Networks’ clients the ability to notify the appropriate department of a problem or concern. Any user that is listed on a client account can open a ticket by simply logging in to their account and clicking on the “Support” icon located on the top header of each page.

The following ticket categories have been established to properly route and classify tickets:

Technical Support

The Vault Networks support team is available 24x7x365 to assist clients with issues related to the operation and/or performance of Vault Networks’ services. Include in your ticket a clear, concise description of the issue being experienced, what action has been taken to resolve, the login and password to the applicable software or hardware (e.g. control panel, RDP, SSH, firewall), as well as your name and the best telephone number to contact you. The more information that can be provided concerning the issue when the ticket is opened, the faster and more efficiently our team will be able to resolve the issue.

A Vault Networks team member will contact you if they have any questions before proceeding to work on the identified issue and will let you know when the issue has been resolved or if any additional information or action is required. Please Note: As soon as a technical support ticket is opened, the team is immediately notified, so a telephone call to our office is not needed to facilitate a quick response.

Customer Service

The Vault Networks Customer Service team can assist with billing, payment, account changes/updates, new orders, procedural issues, or any other concern not covered under any other ticket category.


If you are interested in adding additional services, changing existing services, or you are new to Vault Networks’ and have questions about our services, please contact an Account Manager by opening a Sales Ticket.


This type of ticket is for the expressed purpose of reporting a network abuse issue, originating directly or indirectly from our network. The Vault Networks Abuse Team will also use this category to notify an existing client of an abuse issue that requires immediate action and response. Vault Networks takes network abuse complaints seriously and requires all of our clients to comply with all Vault Networks’ Policies (see About Vault, Policies Section).