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Please contact us with any questions.

IMPORTANT! If you are an existing Vault Networks client, please login to your account and open a ticket in the appropriate category.

Technical Support refer to our Ticket System

Technical Support refer to our Ticket System


All technical service inquiries should be submitted by opening a ticket on the web portal for immediate response. Please do not request technical support using this form.

Office Location
Vault Networks
500 Green Rd
Deerfield Beach, FL 33064
Office & Colocation Hours  
305-735-8098 (Option 2)
Hours: M-F (9am - 5:30pm)
FAX Number: 708-575-4280
305-735-8098 (Option 4)
Hours: 24x7
Technical Support
305-735-8098 (Option 1)
Hours 24x7
Customer Service Department
305-735-8098 (Option 3)
M-F (9am - 5:30pm)

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