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Why Choose A Dedicated Server?

Top Performance for Your Customers. When you choose Web hosting solutions offered by other companies, your customers can suffer. Because other users on the Web hosting plan may be hogging the server’s bandwidth, memory and storage space, latency issues can result in weak performance. However, when you choose a dedicated server from Vault Networks, you get a fully managed, custom server with bandwidth, memory and storage space reserved exclusively for you–your customers are unaffected by ours. Top Savings for You. When you purchase a dedicated server, you lease a server box that stays in our secure Miami data center in Miami. Without needing the space to house a server, an inexpensive dedicated server from Vault Networks provides you with a business solution that pleases your budget–and your customers.

Customized Dedicated Servers

Our customers have a variety of business needs, so we offer them a variety of business solutions. With outstanding technical support, custom-built dedicated servers and comprehensive managed hosting service plans, it’s easy to see why Vault Networks is a cutting-edge managed hosting provider.

  • Your own server and networkDon’t settle for a shared environment on your hardware or on your network. Each server is customized to your specifications and connected to a private vLAN.
  • Free Web-based reboot portsThere’s no need to contact technical support to reboot your dedicated server: Vault Networks offers free Web-based reboot ports for all of its systems.
  • Month-to-Month commitmentWe believe in our servers and services so much that all of our dedicated servers are commitment free. You’re welcome to give us a test drive!
  • 24/7/365 Technical supportA certified IT consultant is available to assist you anytime.

Custom Dedicated Server

Find the Right Dedicated Solution for Your Company

Let our bilingual IT experts help you decide which dedicated server configuration best matches your needs. For a free 1-hour consultation about your IT infrastructure, call us at 305-735-8098, option 2 or chat live Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.