Invoicing and Payment on Your Account

NOTE: Please indicate both the Invoice Number and your Company Name when remitting payments to Vault Networks to ensure that the correct account is credited for each payment. Thank you!

      1. Check Payment– Please make your check payable to “Vault Networks” and mail to:
        Vault Networks 500 Green Rd. Deerfield, FL 33064 USA.
      2. Wire Transfer or Direct Deposit– If interested in one of these options, please contact Vault Networks’ Customer Service Department at (305) 735-8098, Option 3, via email at, or by opening a Customer Service Ticket on Note: Wire Transfer Fee of $25 USD for each wire must be added.
      3. PayPal– Payment should be made payable to
      4. Credit or Debit Card– The credit or debit cardholder needs to complete and sign Vault Networks’ Credit Card Authorization Form authorizing Vault Networks, Inc. to charge their credit card account. Be sure to include the billing address shown on the credit card statement, not the business address.

Please click the link below to fill out the credit card authorization form:

Please note our billing business hours are Monday – Friday 8:30 am – 5:30 pm EST