Windows 2008 Server

Edition Comparison by Technical Specification

SpecificationWebStandardEnterpriseData Center
Cross-File Replication (DFS-R)YesYesYes
Failover Cluster Nodes (Nodes)1616
Fault Tolerant Memory SyncYesYes
Hot Add MemoryYes
Hot Add ProcessorsYes
Hot Replace MemoryYes
Hot Replace ProcessorsYes
Network Access Connections (IAS)50UnlimitedUnlimited
Network Access Connections (RRAS)250UnlimitedUnlimited
Remote Desktop Admin Connections2222
Remote Desktop Services Gateway250UnlimitedUnlimited
Virtual Image Use RightsGuestHost + 1 VMHost + 4 VMUnlimited
x64 RAM32 GB32 GB2 TB2 TB
x64 Sockets44864

New and Updated Features in Windows Server 2008 R2

New/Updated FeaturesWebStandardEnterpriseData Center
AD Rights Management ServicesYesYesYes
BranchCache™ Content ServerYesYesYesYes
BranchCache™ Hosted ServerYesYes
Internet Information Services 7.5YesYesYesYes
Network Access ProtectionYesYesYes
Remote Desktop ServicesYesYesYes
Server CoreYesYesYesYes
Server ManagerYesYesYesYes
Windows Deployment ServicesYesYesYes
Windows PowerShell™YesYesYesYes

Edition Comparison by Server Role

Server RoleWebStandardEnterpriseData Center
Active Directory Certificate Services[1]YesYes
Active Directory Domain ServicesYesYesYes
Active Directory Federation ServicesYesYes
Active Directory Lightweight Directory ServicesYesYesYes
Active Directory Rights Management ServicesYesYesYes
Application ServerYesYesYes
DHCP ServerYesYesYes
DNS ServerYesYesYesYes
Fax ServerYesYesYes
File Services[2]YesYes
Network Policy and Access Services[3]YesYes
Print and Document ServicesYes
Remote Desktop Services[4]YesYes
Web Services (IIS)YesYes
Windows Deployment ServicesYesYesYes

[1] Limited to creating Certificate Authorities – no other ADCS features (NDES, Online Responder Service.)
[2] Limited to 1 standalone DFS root.
[3] Limited to 250 RRAS connections, 50 IAS connections, and 2 IAS Server Groups.
[4] Limited to 250 Remote Desktop Services Gateway connections.