For Windows: Enkompass by cPanel

Enkompass is cPanel’s first and only Windows web hosting control panel. Simple yet powerful, the Enkompass interface offers a rich assortment of features that can save your organization time and money.  Designed to be used in a distributed server environment, Enkompass is able to manage many web servers across a Windows domain, allowing for easy automation and maintenance of a set of servers — up to an entire data center.  In addition to the ability to manage multiple servers with one Enkompass install, you get user-based licensing, so you only pay for the users you need. When additional users are required, you can easily upgrade your license. Plus, you can conveniently add web, mail and database servers as your business grows.

Key Features

  • Reduced software licensing costs:  Add servers as your business grows, paying only for the licenses you need on each type of server.
  • Access to 30% more market share: Installed on over 60,000,000 servers worldwide, Microsoft IIS7 is one of the two leading web server technologies.
  • Reduced support costs: With single sign-on, you will enjoy easier management, greater time savings, and the ability to add new resources.
  • Accurate & fast reporting: Easily run reports on bandwidth utilization, disk space utilization, active accounts, resource availability and more, for instant access to valuable decision-making tools.
  • Premium hosting plans: Because Windows® web hosting is a commercial technology, it has the ability to command premium prices. This translates into an opportunity to increase your bottom line.
  • Manage Email Accounts: Website owners can create quota-based email accounts, access webmail accounts, and create forwarders, autoresponders, and mailing lists.
  • Manage Domains:  Add, edit, and delete subdomains, addon domains, parked domains, and redirects.
  • Manage Databases:  Create databases and users for Microsoft SQL and MySQL. Control access hosts for MySQL.
  • Manage FTP:  Create and manage FTP accounts.
  • Manage Analytics:  View your website’s raw access logs and analytics via the provided Analog and AWSTATS statistics software.
  • Manage Security:  Update passwords for databases, protected directories, FTP, and email accounts. Specify IP addresses from which you wish to block or allow access. Perfect for development platforms or internal company websites. Manage Scripting/Development:
  • Manage Scripting/Development:  Developers enjoy the ability to script in .NET, ASP, PHP, Perl, AJAX, XML, and Silverlight. Plus, you get native support for Visual Studio. Integrate applications with either MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server® 2008.
  • Website Hosting and Reseller Hosting:  The Reseller Interface allows for creation of websites and unlimited sub-reseller accounts. This flexibility gives you unlimited options for selling hosting plans.
  • Flexible Resource Allocation: Resellers can be allotted as much or as little disk space and bandwidth as you like. Hosts can also allocate IP addresses to resellers.
  • Communication via Web Site Owner News: Resellers can post messages about updates, marketing, or maintenance which appear inside their customers’ Web Site Owner interfaces.
  • Bandwidth Usage Monitoring: Generate useful website owner bandwidth reports which provide statistics that are easy to read and analyze.
  • SSL Certificate Installation: Generate the certificate signing requests and keys you need for purchasing SSL certificates.
  • Easy Reseller Management: Enkompass’ web interface allows domain owners to manage their websites 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your customers can upload files, manage email accounts, configure their sites, and much, much more.