IP Usage Policy

Vault Network will assign at least two IP addresses for each server. It is our intention to provide IPs to those in need while doing so in a fair, and orderly manner. We know that many of our customers require IP addresses for their hosting environments and will make every effort to provide a reasonable number of IPs to satisfy each client’s needs.

When considering IP requirements, please note that IP addresses are really only necessary to allow your customers to use a private SSL certificate or to set up Virtual Name Servers. Also, if you’re providing Virtual Name Servers, the IPs will allow customers to host websites while maintaining their functionality. Furthermore, when a server is correctly configured, you’re able to host many websites from just one IP address without compromising performance or sacrificing features.

For all these reasons, we closely monitor IP address usage and strive to ensure the equitable IP assignments. To assist Vault Networks in this goal, we may occasionally ask you to provide us with documentation detailing your IP usage plan. Such measures are necessary not only to keep our networks operating at maximum efficiency, but also because we are required to provide our upstream provider with IP request justification. If you’re not able or willing to share this information, Vault Networks reserves the right to revoke previously assigned IP addresses.

Requests for Additional IP Addresses

Should your business require additional IP addresses, we will be happy to review your plans and accommodate your needs.

To submit a request for additional IP addresses, please  open a Sales Ticket on our website and include the following information in your request:

  • Domain names for all web hosts
  • All workstation, server, and router IP addresses
  • Dial-up usage
  • Number of IP addresses being requested

Please note that failure to provide this information will cause your IP request to be delayed until proper documentation is received.

Additional IP addresses are sold in blocks of 8 IPs at $8 per month.

Under no circumstances will we assign more than 64 IP addresses per system.

Unauthorized Use of IP Addresses

Vault Networks strictly prohibits all customers from adding IP addresses not derived from Vault Networks to their Vault Networks servers.  This policy is in place to ensure that potentially harmful IP addresses are not added to our network that could compromise the system for our other customers and may result in downtime, for which we are held responsible. As a result, Vault Networks finds it necessary to take strict measures to prevent unassigned IP addresses from being added to servers. If Vault Networks should discover an unassigned IP address(es) on a server assigned to your account, we will:

  • Contact the Client Account Administrator and request that they disable the server(s) containing the non Vault Networks sourced IPs.  The server(s) will be disabled until such time as the unauthorized IPs are removed.
  • Assess a $100 fine, payable before service is restored.

All offenses will be documented. Should a second offense occur, Vault Networks will immediately cancel your dedicated server without refund.