Our services stretch worldwide

Service Offerings

Vault Networks is proud to offer a wide range of services and products that accommodate your business needs. We serve businesses of all sizes (from small to large corporations) and across several continents (including the U.S., Latin America and Europe). Some of our most popular services include:

  • Colocation Cabinets: Available in full-, half- and quarter-rack sizes with your choice of amperage and bandwidth. Featuring disaster recovery, network redundancy, regulatory compliance, technical support, and a 99.999% guaranteed level of service. Learn More | Request A Quote
  • Backup Services: Vault Networks utilizes R1Soft, maker of the only Continuous Data Protection® (CDP) virtual backup software for Windows, Linux, and MySQL servers. R1Soft provides backup server software to over 100,000 mission-critical Windows and Linux servers around the world. Vault Networks stores the virtual backup information at a secure offsite location that is readily available should the need arise. This software also features Bare-Metal Restore methodology. Learn More
  • Dedicated Servers: Before your business is set up with a dedicated server, Vault Networks will evaluate your current business needs then design a custom dedicated server solution. The recommended solution will be configured with the appropriate software, processor, hard drive space, speed, services, number of IPs and backup services to fit your business needs. As your business grows, we can help you add features and services to strengthen your dedicated server solution. Learn More | Pricing
  • Location: 36 NE 2nd St., Miami, FL 33132 – 3rd & 4th Floor + Roof; 48,000 sq ft. floor plates
  • NPA-XXX: 305-374
  • Building: Built in 1925. Renovated in 2009 to telecom standards
  • Roof: Four ply built-up roof (1999), rated to 150 mph
  • AC/DC Power: 120V, 208V, 480V AC. -48 DC underground feed served by three substations
  • Global Carriers: Fiberlight, AT&T, TW Telecom, Comcast Business Class, Verizon Business, Level 3, Global Crossing, Qwest,
    Florida Power & Light FiberNet, Internap, Savvis, and XO, Direct Connect Internet Access
  • Floor Height: 14′ deck to deck with no obstructions. raised floor environment
  • Redundancy: AC/DC UPS Power
  • UPS: (3) 160 kVA Powerware; N+1
  • Generator: (1) Megawatt capacity generator. Contract-guaranteed service for a redundant, roll-up generator
  • Air Conditioners: (8) 20-ton air conditioners service each floor – constant 72ºF temperature with 40-60% humidity
  • Security: CCTV digital cameras and recorders, alarm system, biometric hand readers, plus key cards. 24/7/365 security staff; TotalPac fire suppression system. Mission “Hospital Priority” in Florida Power and Light (utility power) Critical Power hierarchy
  • Rack Space: Accessible only by combination. Racks are built so that each unit is completely inaccessible by other clients that may share rack space in the nearby area.
  • Antenna Towers: Existing 100′ and 65′ towers available for client use
  • Diverse conduit Entry Points: Two (2) manhole entries each east and west (four total entry points)
  • Diverse Basement Entries: Ten (10) 4″ conduits installed between the basement entries and the manholes for client use.
  • Separate Power Riser: Power risers from basement to rooftop with walk-in catwalk on each floor
  • Separate Wet Riser: Dedicated wet riser for HVAC systems
  • Loading Dock: Two bays with access to freight elevator
  • Freight Elevator: 96″ x 120″ door, 120″ x 120″ x 60″ cab. Capacity: 5,000 lbs