Get Started with VNCloud


The vnCloud Process

Your business is constantly presented with challenges, from cost control to globalization. We understand that slow, complex IT systems prohibit from you from turning your business ideas into reality.

That’s why we built a platform that not only simplifies your route to the cloud, but gets you there fast.

Here’s how it works:
  • STEP 1: SIGN UP How much CPU, RAM, disk space and add-on services will your IT infrastructure need? How will you allocate these resources to each cloud server? Use our Virtual Data Center Designer to test different configurations and visualize your cloud infrastructure.
  • STEP 2: BUY YOUR RESOURCES Using our intuitive control panel, purchase the resources you’ll need to build your company’s cloud servers. The resources you buy are kept in your Resource Vault where they are instantly allocated to you, ready to deploy at any time.
  • STEP 3: BUILD YOUR CLOUD SERVERS Allocate your resources to cloud servers based on your priorities and the specific needs of your business — no guesswork, no waste. With just a few mouse clicks, your customized configurations will be ready to deploy.
  • STEP 4: DEPLOY YOUR CLOUD SERVERS In minutes, your virtual infrastructure is launched, fully functional and ready for business. Sit back and enjoy the freedom of efficiency.



Safeguard your business by protecting the critical files and applications on which you depend.

Free Global Unicast DNS

Configure and manage domains, FREE with any service on or off our network. We’ll replicate them globally, making your websites respond faster.

Instant Scaling

Start small and quickly scale up or down as your business needs evolve. Whether you need extra capacity for peak demand or want to scale back during a slow season, vnCloud’s simplified scaling empowers you to redefine your strategy instantly and in real time.